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2017 in review

Let’s take a look at the highlights from this year. 2018 will be a very exciting year and we really look forward to hanging out with- and develop awesome beachvolleyball players, arrange our biggest Portugal camp so far, form and organize the Swedish Championship to the very best of our abilities, and make sure that the Summersmash Festival and the BeachvolleyballParty will reach the next level. Besides all of this, we have a lot of exciting new things ahead – stay tuned!


We started this year with a tips n tricks-video that got a lot of reach in the world of volleyball… Which ones of the hits have you learned during 2017?



During the whole month of February, we held a training camp in Las Palmas.




BeachTravels head coach Anders Kristiansson and his Toyoda Gosei won the regular season in the Japanese V-League and made it to the finals in the playoff!


Anders Kristiansson



In April, we smashed up 32 courts on the magical Praia da Rocha in Portugal and 450 beach bums were training and playing! There were some tournaments and pool parties as well….



In collaboration with the Campusbokhandeln, we arranged the first edition of the student competition called BeachMania. It was an instant hit, to be continued…



During the summer, BeachTravels coached the Swedish junior national team and the picture is from the first trainingcamp.

On June 6th, BeachTravels was celebrating the National Day of Sweden in Rålambshovsparken together with 20 000 proud Swedes. We took the opportunity to offer try out sessions with the intent to make even more people love our sport!

In late June, it was time for the Tall Ships Race in Halmstad. We built a volleyball course in the harbor and did some exhibition games, try out sessions and tournaments for crew of the ships.



SummerSmash Festival keeps growing every year and what an amazing success it was!

BeachvolleyFesten gathered 600 dressed up beachvolleyball players and the atmosphere was magical!


The best 15-18 year olds in Scandinavia competed in Youth-Nevza.
16 of the best men- and women teams in Sweden played the Swedish Beach Tour and competed for everlasting pride and 20.000 SEK. Lucky number one? Viktor Jonsson finished first, after losing no less than 14 finals during the Swedish Beach Tour/Swedish Championship.



During the Swedish Championship, BeachTravels own coaches (who trains at The Beach) Sanna & Tina Thurin won the gold medal! Congrats!
During the Under-18 European Championship in Kazan, Hanna Hellvig and Sofia Andersson finished on 5th place (!), while David Åhman and Joel Andersson got eliminated, 2-1 against Norway in the round of sixteen.



Next stop was the Under-20 European Championship in Vulcano (Sicily) where August Borna and David Åhman finished 9th. It was a bitter loss against the previous Junior World Championship runner ups Spain, with 2-1 to reach the quarterfinal.



October included exploration of the Algarve coast…we can see why Algarve has been elected Europe’s best beachvolley destination 5 of the past 6 years.



Beachtravels is super proud of our head coach, Anders Kristiansson, who was elected in the International Volleyball Hall of Fame as one of the greatest in the history of volleyball!



The preparation for next years Swedish Championship is in full speed, we have released the official logo and the competition schedule for 2018!
Happy new year from BeachTravels!
Sydney new year


Take me to Tylösand!

Cool! Take me to Algarve!

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