Praia Da Rocha, Portugal

Imagine waking up, after a long and cold winter, and looking out over a 200 meter wide beach, blue sky and a magical horizon. Eat your breakfast from our varied buffet and sip your coffee before sliding directly out of the 5-star hotel to the beach. Down on the beach, the morning training awaits with your coach, your new friends in the training group and the stadium's 36 courses. In the afternoon you can play a tournament, a workout in the gym, do yoga, surf, go to a pool party or just chill in one of our hammocks while waiting for the sunset. Welcome to our beach volleyball paradise Praia da Rocha!

Kickstart the outdoor season with us in the wonderful Algarve and Praia da Rocha. Four of the last five years, the Algarve has won the award for Europe's best beaches at the World Travel Awards and we understand why. Our well-trained coaches will teach you lots of beach volleyball and you are equally welcome whether you are playing for the first time or if you live and breathe beach volleyball around the clock. Around 3100 players from 25 countries have joined us over the years to Praia da Rocha and we can promise you a unique beach volleyball experience as well as friends and memories for life! (edited)


BeachTravels has developed a unique training philosophy as well as game strategy with the purpose of upgrading your beachvolley to the next level. The brains behind our concept is the world famous, legendary coach Anders Kristiansson (member of the International Volleyball Hall of Fame) together with national team coaches Mattias Magnusson and Rasmus Jonsson. We educate all our coaches in our philosophy and among your coaches you will find world tour players, Swedish championship winners and national team coaches that will do everything they can to teach you as much as possible.


Training for you who just started playing beach volleyball or you that wants to try it.


Training for you who have played for a while, know the basics and is ready to take the next step.


Training for you who is really good and want to refine your talents to get even further.

The Official Praia Da Rocha 2020 Movie



Praia Da Rocha, Portugal


25th of April - 9th of May


All of our trips is open for everyone! Beginner to pro, no matter what you will surely have a great time in Praia da Rocha. 


The following activities are included:

  • 1 training session per day with our top-class coaches (Sunday-Thursday)
  • 6 tournaments
  • 1 lecture
  • 4 yoga classes
  • Free use of courts, balls, beach gym and beach lounge
  • After Beach with DJ at the beach 
  • Entry ticket to the pool party at No Solo Água 
  • Entry ticket to the farewell party
  • Free childminding during the morning training session (kids 2 - 12 years)

If you book you flight with us then 20 kg of luggage is included. You arrive at the airport in Faro (45 minutes from Praia da Rocha) and if you book your flight with us then you can choose to add flight transfer back and forth to the hotel. You will then be greeted by BeachTravels staff at the airport. BeachTravels staff will help you with travel administration and service during your entire trip. 

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We will live at the 5-star hotel Algarve Casino Hotel. From the hotell it is only about 70 meter walk to the beachvolley courts on the beach. On the hotell a healthy breakfast- and dinner buffet is included. On the hotell you will have access to spa with heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna and massages. In the basic package a three-bed room is included but you can choose to live in a two-bed or single-bed room instead. We collect your desires regarding housing and information about your playing level closer to the trip. 

You can also choose to live in a more simple apartment, for 2-4 persons, with a 15 minute walk to the courts. 

Payment is done through invoice that will be sent to your email-adress. A deposition fee of 2 000 - 4 000 SEK (depending on the price of your trip) will be paid within 5 days and final payment is done within 10 days before your travels begin.


Experience the beautiful Praia da Rocha together with the whole family and at the same time gain excellent training. BeachTravels offers free childminding for kids between 2 and 12 years old, while the parents are training in the morning.


For those who want a active vacation and wants to try different types of training. We offer a wide range of physical activity daily. It doesn't matter if you exercise moderately or if you are a professional athlete. Everyone is welcome!


Every week is topped off with an epic pool party at the beach club NoSoloÁgua. The vibe here is as sweet as it gets!


4 free yoga classes
Start your day beneath the sunrise with yoga at the most beautiful beach in Europe!
Pool party
Maybe you have heard about our epic pool party at NoSolo Agua? We understand why. Awesome music, dancing in the pool and the greatest atmosphere is a guarantee!
Learn to surf
Come along for a surf road trip an afternoon along Algarves wonderful coastline.
Free childminding
During the morning traning sessions we offer free childminding for kids 2-12 years old. We also have a childers hangout in the restaurant where the kids can draw, play games or watch movies after they have eaten, while the parents can socialise with fellow travellers.
Tournaments every afternoon
The perfect opportunity to get to know other participants, feel the game vibe and at the same time practice what you have learnt during your morning training session.
Try our beach gym
Experience the nice Venice Beach-feeling and get a good warm up before you play or go for some barbell exercise. Work out while you are looking at the ocean horizon and see your friends play!
After Beach
In the afternoon, our DJ gets up to play some tracks . After a long day of beachvolley it really is lovely to just enjoy life, hangout with friends and take a sip of a cold beverage.
Chill in our exotic beach lounge
Relax in a hammock or a sun bed, get some shadow from the palm trees and simply enjoy the moment.
Sunset hangout
We spend one evening on our paradise beach. Enjoy the sunset and just relax, listen to music, choose to join some games or play some magical social sunset beachvolley.
Kids beachvolley
Does your kid want to try beach volleyball and hangout with other kids in the same age? Our awesome coaches teach the basics of the sport while at the same time everyone just has a lot of fun in the sand.
Exhibition tournament
Take a seat in a sun chair and enjoy the pros playing some high quality beach volleyball. Relaxing while also an opportunity to learn from the best.


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