BeachTravels was started in 2011 by a bunch of beach volleyball lovers, who have all invested most of our lives with this sport. Our ambition has always been to develop the sport (raise the level of knowledge, sports performance and media space), enable more people to enjoy beach volleyball as much as we do and deliver a wow experience to our participants on really beautiful beaches.

Anders Kristiansson | Founder & Head Coach

Anders is a living legend of Volleyboll who has celebrated tremendous success as a coach. He developed the blueberry nation of Sweden into one of the best national teams in the world, including the achievement against the Soviet Union and the European silver in 1989 (check the SVT documentary on Anders). As a club coach, everything he touched has turned into gold. How about 15 titles in Belgium, 26 in Sweden, 3 in Greece, 4 in Japan and 2 Champions League finals? He is also elected to the International Volleyball Hall of Fame.

At BeachTravels, Anders is working to train our coaches. You will meet him at your course when he helps both your coach and you as a player!

Anders can be reached at anders@beachtravels.se

David Cabrera | Founder

David is the entrepreneur who works behind the scenes with a little bit of everything but mostly with new collaborations and establishments. He also started and runs The Beach with 8 indoor courses, gym, bar and kitchen.

David can be reached via david@beachvolley.se and 0704-322028.

Mattias Magnusson | Founder

Mattias holds three World Cup golds, has won the World Tour and spent several years as national team coach. He is Sports Director (as well as founder) at The Beach and coaches on a daily basis including all the 6 Swedish players who won medals at the World Tour in 2018.

Matte can be reached at mattias@beachvolley.se and 0733-665433. Since Matte is quite popular, many are trying to reach him. He therefore prefers an SMS and will return by phone as soon as possible.

Rasmus Jonsson | Founder & CEO

Rasmus has traveled, played and coached on countless beaches around the world. He is currently Coach of the Swedish Beach volleyball National team including Åhman / Hellvig, which he led to gold in the Youth Olympics, Junior European Championships and Continental Cup for youth in 2018.

Raz prefers if most of his e-mails regard questions of our beloved training camps, please send them to rasmus@beachvolley.se, he can also be reached at 0734-204695.

Martina Sandström | Project Management & Media

Martina is an awesome Project Manager during our training trips and events. She spends a lot of time developing and refining your experience mainly in Portugal and Tylösand. Marty loves capturing emotions in photography and film and is a magician in film editing! She is also one of the creative souls behind our social media.

Martina can be reached at martina@beachtravels.se and 0761-726673.

Caroline Nilsson | Collaborations, Sustainability & Corporate travel

If you would like to promote a service, product or visualise your brand at SummerSmash Festival and Beachvolley SM in Tylösand Caroline is your girl! Carro is wonderfully energy-packed, structured and always has lots of good ideas on how to create a successful collaboration. She is also developing a new hot concept for business travel. Sustainability issues lie close to her heart, which permeates her work.

You can reach Carro at caroline@beachtravels.se or 0763-401665

Project Management & IT

Fabian is part of the project team who run the huge event SummerSmash Festival in Tylösand and make it flow as smooth as possible. He is also our king of IT, formidable in creating sustainable structures and systems and is passionate about the constant development of everything.

You can reach Fabbe at fabian@beachtravels.se and 0709-707970

Josephine Söderberg | Sponsorship, Collaborations & SummerSmash

Josephine is our globetrotter who loves beautiful beaches. She finds inspiration for designing beautiful, exotic environments during our events from her travels. Jossan is awesome at creating successful collaborations and has solutions to everything!

She is currently on maternity leave, but will soon strengthen our team again.

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