Escape the winter darkness and enjoy the sun, warmth and individually adapted elite training at the beautiful Las Canteras in Las Palmas, elected best beach in Spain in 2010. This is an unique opportunity to train as a pro!

Rasmus Jonsson, Anders Kristiansson and Mattias Magnusson are doing all the coaching, therefore the number of participants is limited. Focus will be on delivering a professional experience with high quality training.


The training week includes:

  • Each group will have 7 training sessions of 1,5 hour each during the week
  • Discussion with analysis of every player’s current level and future ambitions
  • Tailored training for you and your team based on the level and wishes of the group
  • Technical and development oriented training
  • Tactics and playing concept for you and your team
  • Wind play, side out and transition etc
  • Filming and video analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Free use of courts and balls
  • 7 nights stay in modern apartments

Booking will only be available for groups of 4-6 players until November 26th. After that, we will accept individual sign-ups for the Individual Skills Training. If you’re interested in training in Las Palmas, but don’t belong to a group, please contact rasmus@beachtravels.se and we will do our best to help you out.

Individual Skills Training!

This group is for those of YOU who wants to improve your game and become a better player and are not able to put together an own group. Focus will be on passing, setting and attacking and individually adapted for your needs. It will be high quality training with a lot of repetitions in game like situations to develop your technique and understanding. Focus will be on YOU as an individual player regardless of the other participant’s level and knowledge. This group will have a maximum of 6 players/week.


Price per person and week including all training sessions and accommodation:

One week

4 persons per group: 6795 SEK / € 699
6 persons per group: 5995 SEK / € 619

Two weeks

4 persons per group: 5995 SEK / € 619
6 persons per group: 5595 SEK / € 579

Three weeks or more

4 persons per group: 5595 SEK/ € 579
6 persons per group: 4995 / € 539

You sign up as a group of four or six players or you can come by yourself and practice with the Individual Skills Training group. Choose the players you want train with, decide which week suits you best and contact Rasmus Jonsson at rasmus@beachtravels.se.




You will be staying  in an apartment close to the courts, with well equipped kitchen. Nearby you will find shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafés amongst other things.

You book your own flight. From Scandinavia Norwegian is probably the easiest and cheapest. A return ticket costs from 1400-2000 SEK and up, depending on your departure city. Norwegian offers direct flights from Stockholm three times a week, Gothenburg twice a week, Copenhagen five times a week, Malmö once a week, Umeå once a week, Oslo seven times a week and Helsinki three times a week. Check out www.norwegian.com, the destination is Gran Canaria (LPA). Ryanair also flies to Gran Canaria from Stockholm, Västerås, Oslo and Århus.


Well-equipped gyms are located at a walking distance from your accommodation. Upon request and additional fee we will provide help with the physical training. Designing, programming and technical execution adapted to the individual.





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2014: Christofer Lewin, Linus Tholse, Emelie Hedenberg och Johannah Rohkämper

2015: Kasper Linde, Raphael Zurgilgen, Ingrid Lunde och Kristina Thurin

2016: Viktor Jonsson och Tadva Yoken

2017: David Åhman och Isabelle Haak

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