Challenger & Open

OPEN & CHALLENGER during BeachTravels SummerSmash!

– We are striving for real top quality tournaments. We will build an old school center court, we have increased the prize money for the Challenger and will also have great prizes in all divisions, our DJ will pump up the volume and there will be up to 30 courts!

July 12th Open Grön
July 13th Open Mixed

July 19thj Challenger (6000 SEK Prize money)
July 19th Open Svart
July 19th Open Grön

July 26th Challenger (6000 SEK Prize money)
July 26th Open Svart
July 26th Open Grön
July 27th Open Mixed

For registration: http://www.cupassist.com/pa/terminliste.php?org=SVBF.SE.SVB

All together it´s going to be two weeks packed of Beach volley at its best. Don’t miss out on this summer’s coolest beach volley happening. Book BeachTravels SummerSmash July 12-27 today!

Read more about:
The training camp
The preliminary schedule
SummerSmash Old School Classic
SummerSmash 4-a-side

Price: 3295 SEK/359 € and it includes:

  • 5 x 1,5 h training sessions with World Class coaching
  • 1 lecture
  • Evaluation with your coach
  • Entry fee for King/Queen of the beach
  • Entry fee for SummerSmash Midweek Championship
  • Entry fee for the Powerspike competition
  • Exhibition games
  • Free use of courts and balls
  • 4 lunches
  • Dinner and entry fee at the SummerSmash player´s party
  • Entry fee SummerSmash MidWeekParty

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Vem slår hårdast i beachvolley-Sverige år 2018? Tagga den du tycker borde vara med i SummerSmash´s årliga PowerSpike-tävling, där det finns 2000 kr i prispotten!!! 💸 I BeachTravels historia hittar vi vinnare som David Åhman, Tina Thurin och Emelie Hedenberg! Damernas rekord tog Isabelle Haak förra året när hon spikade i 83 km/h och Linus Tholse har fortfarande, sedan år 2014, herrarnas rekord på 104 km/h! Någon som kommer slå det i sommar?😄 SummerSmash Powerspike Hall Of Fame:

2014: Christofer Lewin, Linus Tholse, Emelie Hedenberg och Johannah Rohkämper

2015: Kasper Linde, Raphael Zurgilgen, Ingrid Lunde och Kristina Thurin

2016: Viktor Jonsson och Tadva Yoken

2017: David Åhman och Isabelle Haak

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