Mattias Magnusson


Sports Director @ The Beach with responsibility for all instructors
Trained most of both men´s and woman´s swedish national teams
Educates coaches for the Swedish Volleyball Association.
The only swede (together with Hannes Brinkborg) to win an official international tournament (FIVB Satellite Casablanca 2006)
3 times Swedish Champion
Winner of the Swedish Tour finale
20 Swedish Tour stop wins
55 World Tour competitions
Qualified for Main Draw at the World Tour.

Coachbild Kongo
2000 SEK/€235 early booking discount until November 7th!

Price from 9995 SEK/1164 € and the trip includes:

  • 7 nights stay at 5 star hotel
  • Flight included
  • 5 star breakfast buffet every day
  • 5 star dinner buffet every day
  • 1 training session/day with our top coaches
  • Entry fee for the competition the last day
  • 1 lecture
  • Free use of courts and balls
  • After Beach with DJ on the beach every afternoon
  • Entrance to the farewell party

Read more about our:
Training philosophy
Our coaches 2014
Power for better Beachvolley
Yoga, circular training and core workout
Free babysitting
5-star Hotel
Cool beachlounge, after beach and dj
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Vem slår hårdast i beachvolley-Sverige år 2018? Tagga den du tycker borde vara med i SummerSmash´s årliga PowerSpike-tävling, där det finns 2000 kr i prispotten!!! 💸 I BeachTravels historia hittar vi vinnare som David Åhman, Tina Thurin och Emelie Hedenberg! Damernas rekord tog Isabelle Haak förra året när hon spikade i 83 km/h och Linus Tholse har fortfarande, sedan år 2014, herrarnas rekord på 104 km/h! Någon som kommer slå det i sommar?😄 SummerSmash Powerspike Hall Of Fame:

2014: Christofer Lewin, Linus Tholse, Emelie Hedenberg och Johannah Rohkämper

2015: Kasper Linde, Raphael Zurgilgen, Ingrid Lunde och Kristina Thurin

2016: Viktor Jonsson och Tadva Yoken

2017: David Åhman och Isabelle Haak

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