Kirk Pitman

BeachTravels is very proud to present the experienced World Tour player and English National Team coach KIRK PITMAN, New Zealand, as one of our instructors in Praia da Rocha April 26th-May 10th! Watch Kirk when he did the classic Haka in front of 8000 people in Grand Slam Klagenfurt.

Hello there Kirk Pitman,
How did you get in touch with BeachTravels´ crew?

Hannes Brinkborg & Raz & Mattias are great friends of mine and they always talked of the great times and beautiful spots they go to, so when an opportunity came along to join Beach Travels I jumped at it!

What is you greatest beach volley memory?
My greatest beach volleyball memory is playing against Brazil on centre court in Klagenfurt Austria Grand Slam 3rd & 4th playoff in front of 8000 people going crazy in the stands like they do there (see the video above).
Kirk Pitman

What is your strength as a coach? My strength is my experience I have played pro for 11 years and played over 100 world tour events and having the success me and my partner Jason had coming from a little country called New Zealand .

Are you going to teach the guys in your training group how to do a haka? If they want to learn it sure thing! But I have seen Hannes Brinkborg try it and he wasn’t great so hopefully they have a little more rhythm than him…

Achievements as a player:

Winner of 32 NZ national tour events
Winner of 13 Asian tour events
2002 Asian champion
3rd World Tour Kristiansand Norway 2008
4th World Tour Grand Slam Klagenfurt Austria 2008
9th Norway World Championships Stavanger Norway 2009
Played 121 World Tour events

Achievement as a coach:
2013 Coach for the English National Team Dampney/Boulton
4th at CEV Baden England Dampney/Boulton

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Power for better Beachvolley
Yoga, circular training and core workout
Free babysitting
5-star Hotel
Cool beachlounge, after beach and dj
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Price from 9995 SEK/1164 € and the trip includes:


  • 7 nights stay at 5 star hotel
  • Flight included
  • 5 star breakfast buffet every day
  • 5 star dinner buffet every day
  • 1 training session/day with our top coaches
  • Entry fee for the competition the last day
  • 1 lecture
  • Free use of courts and balls
  • After Beach with DJ on the beach every afternoon
  • Entrance to the farewell party

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