Hannes Brinkborg

Achievements beachvolleyball:
1st place FIVB Satellite Casablanca 2006
3rd place FIVB Challenger Cagliari 2006
17th in the European Championship 2011, 25 th 2013
Played the World Championship 2011 & 2013
Played 120 World Tour and European tour events.
Finished 5th twice, 9th six times at the World Tour.
47 times in Main Draw at the World Tour.
Player of the year in Sweden three times.

Achievements indoor volleyball:
65 caps and captain for the Swedish National Team
5 season as pro in the Belgium and Spain
Played in Champions League
Player of the year in Sweden
Hannes Brinkborg BeachTravels
Hey there Hannes Brinkborg! Cool to hear that you you’re joining the BeachTravel coaching crew in Praia da Rocha April 26th-May10th! Have you been to Portugal or Praia da Rocha before?

Back in the day there used to be a world tour stop in Espinho, Potugal, which was commonly known to have the heaviest sand on tour. Though I have been to Portugal many times I have never been to Praia da Rochas and I am really excited about getting to know the place I have heard is one of Europes finest beaches.

You have played 12 years and 120 events on the World Tour. What´s your best memory from all those international tournaments?

The expectations before a big game, the feeling when you are playing at your best level and the satisfaction of beating the nr 1 ranked team in the world is magical and unforgettable. Making my first top 5 result in a world tour stop in Marseille in 2007 and doing it beating two top 5 teams in the world, including the nr 1 ranked Brasilian team was a magical feeling.

The participants of BeachTravels represent all levels, from beginners to pros. Do you have any general tips on what to practice to become a better volleyball player?

Beginners controlling your pass and bump set are the keys, on the medium level the understanding of the game is crucial and for the elite refining your skills and tactical implementation is what helps you overcome your opponents. My general tip for all levels (though) would be to spend as much time as possible in the sand working your skills. Remember that having someone pushing you, helping you increase your knowledge and improving your technical skills can really speed up your development.

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Price from 9995 SEK/1164 € and the trip includes:

  • 7 nights stay at 5 star hotel
  • Flight included
  • 5 star breakfast buffet every day
  • 5 star dinner buffet every day
  • 1 training session/day with our top coaches
  • Entry fee for the competition the last day
  • 1 lecture
  • Free use of courts and balls
  • After Beach with DJ on the beach every afternoon
  • Entrance to the farewell party

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Free babysitting
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