Volley America National Championship

Clearwater Beach will be invaded by hundreds of American beach volleyball players on the last weekend of camp. 40 courts will be set-up where the games for every division will be settled. Everyone from the best beach volleyball players in the US to beginners will be there. And then we’ll finish off this amazing trip with a huge players party.
“I’ve always thought that playing abroad is really exciting and to experience real beach volleyball culture, but also get to know a bunch of true beach volleyball nerds. Beach volleyball at its best!” says Rasmus Jonsson.150516_1920x1080_14
Volley America is the director for 26 beach volleyball tours across the US and to be able to participate you need to be a member (both the membership fee and entry fee is included in the trip). The tournament in Clearwater is the finale of the East End Beach Volleyball Tour and Volley America, hence the name Volley America National Championship.150516_1920x1080_1
The good thing is that there are divisions for every level of the players. Open is the highest, followed by AA, A and B. If compared with the Swedish tournaments, Open maintains a high Swedish Beach tour level, AA maintains a high challenger level, A maintains a Swedish Open level and B is for beginners.150516_1920x1080_44On the last Sunday, the best players will be playing the semi-finale and finale in the Open division, meanwhile the mix- and junior classes will be settled.150516_1920x1080_11

Banish the autumn darkness and escape to the summer sun with us. From 8995 SEK/€959 and this is included:

  • 7 nights stay at the hotel (right at the beach)
  • 8 training sessions
  • light breakfast
  • 1 lecture
  • video analysis of one of your games
  • registration fee Volley America National Championship
  • license Volley America
  • Volley America T-shirt
  • free entrance to players party
  • development discussion with your coach, plus a personal training plan for the future

Get all the greatness for less and make sure you book before the 2000 SEK early booking discount ends June 4th!
Book now - 750x120 A 8995 kr


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