Tadva Yoken

Merits: JVM England in 2009, 13th U23 European Championships Greece 2010
3rd Tour Finals 2010, Private Trainer of the year @ The Beach in 2010
What do you look forward with Beach Travel Praia da Rocha?
I yearn for sun, sea, beautiful sand, 5-star hotel and a lot of beach volleyball!
Your coolest beach experience?
When I played the U-23 European Championship in Greece and took a 13th place in 42 degree heat. We were last ranked in the tournament.

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Beachtravels is super proud of our head coach, Anders Kristiansson, who has been elected in the International Volleyball Hall of Fame as one of the greatest in the history of volleyball! Check out the video from the U.S. when Anders gets honored and inducted. #legendofvolleyball #worldclasscoaching #beachtravels #internationalvolleyballhalloffame