Mattias Magnusson

Sports Director @ The Beach with responsibility for all instructors, trained most of both men´s an woman´s national team, educates coaches for the Swedish Volleyball Association.

The only Swedish (together with Hannes Brinkborg) to win an official international tournament (FIVB Satellite Casablanca 2006). Three Swedish championship gold, winning the Swedish Tour finale, 20 Sweden Tour stop wins, 55 World Tour competitions, qualified for the Main Draw.

What do you look forward with Beach Travel Praia da Rocha?
Should be lots of fun to show the beautiful beach and the fresh five-star hotel for our instructors and participants. And of course the sun, the beach, nice socializing with other beach-lunatics, and to have the opportunity during one to two weeks to work hard to develop our guests into better players.

What is the first thing you pack in your suitcase?
My sexy ocean blue speedos!

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