Isak Hermansson

Trainer Qualifications:
2005: Coach for Karin Lundqvist and Sara Uddståhl.
2005-2007: Responsible for SVBFs talent programs.
2008: Elite Coach training in Brazil (Step 2), was the only non-Brass set the course as a course number two!
2008-2009: Elite Coach of the GBC.
2008-2010: Coach of Slovenia, among the sisters Fabjan that 2010 was his first season on the World Tour. (qualified for the Main Draw 6 times in 2010)
2010-2011: elite trainer on IKSU.

What do you look forward with Beach Travel Praia da Rocha?
I look forward to discovering one brand new beach mecca of Europe, seems to be a real gold spot Mattias and Raz have found! The location combined with a very good line-up of instructors. It will be an awesome camp for the participants!

Your coolest beach experience?
Must be when I and Stefan Esselius were invited to play an exhibition match in the middle of a shanty town outside Rio. We played in a place where I would have never set foot otherwise.

Any other stuff you want to tell you about yourself?
I have Sweden Championship gold in “dog run” and I´m the best in Sweden to stand still in one place ..

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