Isak Hermansson

Trainer Qualifications:
2005: Coach for Karin Lundqvist and Sara Uddståhl.
2005-2007: Responsible for SVBFs talent programs.
2008: Elite Coach training in Brazil (Step 2), was the only non-Brass set the course as a course number two!
2008-2009: Elite Coach of the GBC.
2008-2010: Coach of Slovenia, among the sisters Fabjan that 2010 was his first season on the World Tour. (qualified for the Main Draw 6 times in 2010)
2010-2011: elite trainer on IKSU.

What do you look forward with Beach Travel Praia da Rocha?
I look forward to discovering one brand new beach mecca of Europe, seems to be a real gold spot Mattias and Raz have found! The location combined with a very good line-up of instructors. It will be an awesome camp for the participants!

Your coolest beach experience?
Must be when I and Stefan Esselius were invited to play an exhibition match in the middle of a shanty town outside Rio. We played in a place where I would have never set foot otherwise.

Any other stuff you want to tell you about yourself?
I have Sweden Championship gold in “dog run” and I´m the best in Sweden to stand still in one place ..

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Beachtravels is super proud of our head coach, Anders Kristiansson, who has been elected in the International Volleyball Hall of Fame as one of the greatest in the history of volleyball! Check out the video from the U.S. when Anders gets honored and inducted. #legendofvolleyball #worldclasscoaching #beachtravels #internationalvolleyballhalloffame