Anders Kristiansson

Instructor Anders Kristiansson

European Championship silver in 1989, 4th European Championships in 1987, 7th Olympics 1988, Swedish Championship 26 gold!! (14 with Sollentuna and 12 with Lidingö), 15 titles in Belgium, three in Greece, 4 Final Four in volleyball Champions League ( including two finals).

Received the TT sports leadership prize in 1986 as the best Swedish sports leader that year, with a member of the Swedish Sports Academy (which determines the winners of the Swedish Sports Gala) and received the 1989 King’s Medal of 8th size!

Check out where Anders adepts against the Soviet Union in the European Championship semifinals in 1989:

What do you look forward to your two weeks in Praia da Rocha?
The whole thing will be fun. I hope to be involved and help to get people to eventually play better volleyball. I like the beach atmosphere, where the beach volleyball training is serious and more relaxed and socially alongside.

You will act as coach for our instructors and coach them in their coaching role, how do you view the task?
In both beach volleyball and volleyball, it is about understanding the game and technique. Right technical understanding is very important and my hope is to contribute to give them a better insight. Simply a more stable foundation and an understanding of what you are doing.

Then I think it’s fun even with the participants who did not play at as high a level, to give a helping hand. Everyone has his or her level, but everyone can improve. The dream of getting better is within everyone and that feeling is inspiring.

Finally, how do you see Hannes and Steve’s season? And what do you work with to improve before the Olympic year 2012?
Hannes and Steve made a very strong season and took a considerable step up, they are actually among the world’s elite. During the 2011 season they had good continuity with mostly Main Draw games.

We have a clear game idea and we know our strengths and weaknesses. To win against the real top teams in the World we need to create more tools in the toolbox and use them in the correct position. I think the Olympic chances are there, it’s in the background as an overarching objective. Then there’s nothing we nag about every day, then it becomes just a burden.

The new qualifying system is extremely tough for us and I could not see it as a failure if we do not get there. There are many other important ingredients in our efforts, as to do such good results on the world tour. I hope that Hannes and Steve may be injury-free, then we have a chance to make progress.

Check out Anders when he trains Hannes and Steve:

And here you can see a little more of one of the Swedish sports greatest feats ever:



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