Anders Kristiansson
Hello there Anders Kristiansson,
Cool to hear you go with Beach Travels to Praia da Rocha again! You have coached some of the best players in the world, especially indoor, for ex Miljkovic. The participants of BeachTravels represent all levels, from beginners to pros. What is the difference helping them improve?-Indoor you coach a player over longer time and the technical work is more in a team and tactical frame. But basicaly you always try to give individual feedback which is the base for improvement.
The technical aspect is the most fundamental on the beach but varies of course with the skill and insight of each player.
-On the beach I really like the desire and dedication of the players to get better, and I have more time to focus on the individual and help to make a difference.

Why should you as a player join BeachTravels to Praia da Rocha?
-A unique chance to improve your game at the same time you enjoy an unforgettable total beach experience together with other cool people sharing the same lifestyle, on the best beach in Europe!


Hmm, roumours say you did some shopping during BeachTravels training trip to Clearwater recently. Your best buy?
-Haha, true I brought some things home, if you need things you could finance your whole trip. My new socks are great plus some you`ll see when we meet.

Check out BeachTravels trainingtrip to Portugal here:
Or go directly to booking: http://praia.beachvolley.se/

Achievements as a coach indoor volleyball: 2nd place European Championship 1989, 4th place European Championship 1987, 7th place Olympics 1988, won the Swedish championship 26 times, won the Belgium Championship or Cup 15 times, Won the the Greece championship or cup 3 times, 4 times in Final Four in Champions League, 2 Champions League finals.
Awarded the best sport coach in Sweden 1986, member of the Swedish Sports Academy (which determines the winners of the Swedish Sports Gala) and received the 1989 the King of Sweden´s Medal of 8th size!
Check out when Anders´swedish national team won against the Soviet Union in the European Championship semifinals in 1989:

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