Portugal 2013

Your instructors will be led by one of the world’s most well known techniqual coaches, volleyball legend Anders Kristiansson, together with Mattias Magnusson and Rasmus Jonsson. All of them  national team coaches.

Read more about our Instructors in Portugal 2013:

Anders Kristiansson

Rasmus Jonsson

Camilla Nilsson

Petter Jonsson

Mattias Magnusson

Fia Ögren
Sofia Ögren

Jonas Liberg

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Beachtravels is super proud of our head coach, Anders Kristiansson, who has been elected in the International Volleyball Hall of Fame as one of the greatest in the history of volleyball! Check out the video from the U.S. when Anders gets honored and inducted. #legendofvolleyball #worldclasscoaching #beachtravels #internationalvolleyballhalloffame