Rasmus Jonsson

Coach for Swedish National team Brinkborg / Gunnarsson 2010 and onwards
Coach of the development National Team 2010
Educates coaches for the Swedish Volleyball Federation 2010 and onwards
Played on Sweden Tour /Swedish Beach Tour from 2002 to 2009, at the podium at both the Swedish Championships and Swedish Tour Final.
Played nine World Tour events.

Hey Rasmus! It is now confirmed that you will be a coach at BeachTravels training camp in Clearwater Beach and make the trainers-quartet complete together with professional trainer Anders Kristiansson, Mattias Magnusson and the beachpro Hannes Brinkborg. What do you think about this year’s trip to Florida?

It is great fun that these guys are coming with us to train in Florida and I don’t think it has ever been another training camp in beachvolleyball with better qualified coaches. There is a great deal of beachvolleyball knowledge in this group of trainers and I am very excited to be working and developing alongside of them. I’m also looking forward to be working with video analysis of the participants.


You were in charge of the Florida camp last year, what do you think of Clearwater Beach?

This will be the seventh time I’ll go to Clearwater which proves that I absolutely love the place. 1997 was my first time there and by accident we ended up at the beach on the very same weekend they played Volley American National Championship, which is the tournament our participants will play in October. Another anecdote is from when me and Mårten Christiansson was at Clearwater in 2001 and his first comment when we got down to the beach was “Is there snow on the beach?!”, which gives you an idea of how white the sand is… and also of how incredibly stupid Mårten is….. ;)

What three things do you recommend the participants to always pack in their beach bag, especially for Clearwater?

You always, ALWAYS, have to have at least one headband in the bag as a travelling beachvolleyballer; a pair of really good sunglasses, and not just good looks but also good quality because the white sand reflects the sunlight just as snow does; and of course the world’s biggest straw hat for those long days at the beach which we all enjoy so much. That should do it!

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