Petter Jonsson

Hey there Petter ”PJ” Jonsson! It’s great that you’re joining the BeachTravel coaching crew in Florida 13-27th of October! How many times have you visited Clearwater and what is your favorite thing about Clearwater Beach?

This will be the seventh time I’m going to visit my favorite beach. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the beach is WHITE. High quality training in an amazing environment together with all the great activities nearby, shopping, NHL, NFL etc., makes CB number 1.DSCN0107-Fix

Last year you finished third at Volley America National Championship, that takes place on 40 courts at Clearwater Beach the last weekend of the camp, together with Hannes Brinkborg. You also played on the EEVB-tour in Siesta Key the week before with Mattias Magnusson. What’s your take on prolonging the season with two tournaments with real tough American opposition?

It’s the perfect ending of the season. You train a lot all week under perfect conditions and on top of that you get to finish off with games against some tuff opponents during “sunset games”, for me this is as good as it gets when playing beach volley!
PJ Spike EEVBAt last, what is your best Florida memory?

I think the best one was during an EEVB-tournament in 2003. Me and Rasmus went to Clearwater for one month training that was ending with a big tournament on EEVB. We won over the American junior national team, after Raz made his best jump serve game ever! During our time there we saw this unknown 207 cm, 23 year old guy who could hit over the AVP players when they tried to block him (No, Stefan Gunnarsson, it was not you). The guy’s name was Phil Dalhausser who at the time played with Nick Lucena. This was also the first time we got to hear real trash talk aloud. During our game, every time we couldn’t reach the ball in defense, “Zac” on the other side came up to the net to point out “You´re too slow. Too slow man.” And last but not least, during that time in my life I had the biggest Mullet (hairstyle that is short at the front and sides, and long in the back) ever and naturally when they called me in the speaker they addressed me as Mr. Mullet. “Can Mr. Mullet please come and say hello at the Center Court. Mr. Mullet!”

Swedish Champion 2008
2nd place Swedish Championship 2011 and 2012
3rd place Swedish Championship 2006 and 2013
Represented Sweden during the Continental Cup 2010-2012
Played 28 World Tour and European Tour events
Been coaching Beachvolleygymnasiet 2012 und onwards
3rd place Volley America National Championship 2012

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