Camilla Nilsson

Hey there Camilla Nilsson! We want to congratulate you for winning the Swedish Championships, the Swedish Tour and the 2nd place in NEVZA! And also congratz to the participants who will have you as a coach in Clearwater. What are you excited about when going to Florida with BeachTravels?

Thanks! Me and Tadva had a great first season together and are so happy and proud, especially for the gold in the Swedish Championship. Now I can’t wait to go to Florida and I look forward to being one of the happy people on all of the sunny pictures taken on the whitest beach ever that I was so jealous over last year when being home in Stockholm’s grey November weather.Camilla Nilsson Portugal

Previous this year you have joined BeachTravels both as a coach and as a participant in Las Palmas, Portugal and Tylösand. Can you describe the three different camps and what you like most about going away on a training trip?

What I like most is that you are able to disconnect yourself from the world at home and only focus on beach volley, and even more fun doing so with a lot of great people around. Las Palmas was great for me as a was a participant together with the Norwegian National Team and got a lot of really good training from Anders and Rasmus for ten days. Portugal and Praia da Rocha almost feels like a second home and was real fun! A lot of people, great atmosphere and good training right before the Swedish season start. Tylösand was a hit this year and the weather was as good as it gets. It’s a great opportunity for the participants to get to go on a camp in the middle of the season.

What is your coolest beachvolley memory?
I have so many… But the most recent one must be when we won during the sandstorm on the Swedish Beach Tour in Helsingborg, where we laughed our way through the last set in the final because our game was really working for us. And of course the feeling when we conquered the longed for Swedish Champion Gold and both our families where there to cheer us on.

What stuff is a Must when you pack for a training trip? Something particular that you can recommend?

I will hardly pack anything this this time because I going SHOPPING in the U S and A! But my new Oakleys is a must, can’t be without sunglasses for a minute on the beach.

What’s first on your shopping list when we will visit the gigantic Premium Outlet Malls?

All the girls will want to visit Victoria Secret and I´ll probably get a long shopping list from Tadva and Fia. I´ll probably buy some new training shoes and a lot of impulse shopping. Maybe time to start thinking about Christmas gift as well?

Swedish Champion 2006, 2008 & 2013
Played 40 World Tour and European Tour events
6 times in Main Draw at World Tour
19th European Championship 2010.
2nd place NEVZA 2013.

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