Hi and thanks for your interest in us.
We are beach volleyballers, the kind that are very passionated about the sport. We do great beach volleyball trips to fantastic spots on earth. Come along!

David Cabrera, Rasmus Jonsson, Mattias Magnusson & Anders Kristiansson (lying on the beach when the photo was taken) runs this show with help from the best instructors available.

We live in Stockholm, Sweden, and to survive the crazy cold winter we built an indoor center for beach volleyball.

It´s called The Beach and that´s were we hang out most of the time… when not @ a real beach with real coconut trees and sun.

We have travelled Europe and worldwide. We have logged thousands and thousands of kilometers in a car. We have visited hundreds of beaches. Everything in the hunt for the perfect beach for a really great beach volleyball trip. And we found some fantastic spots.

No matter what level you are playing at you are very welcome to join us on our adventures to the nicest spots for playing beach volleyball on earth. Please feel free to contact us.

Project manager and main contact person. Rasmus Jonsson, rasmus@beachvolley.se and +46734204695

The other fellows: Mattias Magnusson, mattias@beachvolley.se and +46733665433 & David Cabrera, david@beachvolley.se and +46704322028

Beachtravels Sweden AB
Hansavägen 10
15138 Södertälje, Sweden
+46 8 12134666

BeachTravels has a Travel Guarantee at the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency – “Kammarkollegiet” for your safety.



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