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It´s going to be two weeks packed of Beach volley at its best. Don’t miss out on this summer’s coolest beach volley happening. Book BeachTravels SummerSmash July 12-27 today! http://tylosand.beachvolley.se/

Here are some of the highlights:

Training camp for all levels in the morning with world-class coaching! We will improve your understanding and technique, which is the fastest way for a person´s development and to become a much better player!

Open, Challenger (we have increased the prize money) and Junior competitions during the weekends. We will build an old school center court and our DJ will pump up the volume!

Awesome after-beach hangout every day at Hotell Tylösand with a live band and up to 2500 people who are there to enjoy the summer at its fullest!

SummerSmash Old School Classic – Directly from the golden age of Beachvolleyball – we bring back retro beachvolley from the 70´s and 80´s with the big court 9×9 m, Side-out Scoring, no antennas and the ball can´t touch the net on the serve. This is a celebration to our sport and a great chance for today´s players to experience the history of beachvolley!

King & Queen of the Beach and several drop-in competitions during the week!

Exhibition games with the pros!

Epic parties in Halmstad during the prime time of the swedish summer!

BeachTravels 4-a-side! Competitions with 4 against 4 – will the indoor players win against the beach bums?

Power spike competition –A speed camera, a speaker and a crazy DJ together with a cheering crowd are there to push you and the other contestants towards your most brutal smashes!



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