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Top 10 funniest pics from 2013!

Number 10: This picture was taken by Amanda Östberg, 3 years old… Passinginportugal Number 9: Swedes going crazy during the prime time of our summer… Tylösand  Number 8: Don Rolle and his beach mafia… aHäng_gruppbilder_översikt_1920x108020 Number 7: Flying swedes at Clearwater Beach! BurgernMia Number 6: The twin towers. Stefan Gunnarsson and 2 time Olympic Gold medalist Phil Dalhausser. Stevenphil Number 5: Tough training session in Portugal… aHäng_gruppbilder_översikt_1920x108014 Number 4: Hugh Heffner moved his Playboy mansion to Clearwater Beach. HeffnerKatter Number 3: BeachTravels in Japan… andersnmatteinjapan Number 2: Stefan Gunnarsson is recovering after a training session in Las Palmas… Steveochskylten And the winner is… the best cheerleader on the beach… Andreas Berggren!!!!!!BaggenSwatchgirl Check out our review of 2013 or our training camps during 2014!


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