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Are Speedos back in fashion?

Mattias and Rasmus from the BeachTravels crew are trying out the width of the beach in Praia da Rocha. Where are the fashion police? Or could it be so that the Speedos are back?!

Last day for booking this spring´s coolest trip is this SUNDAY MARCH 17th.
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Let´s go to SUMMERSMASH!

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Listen up people! SummerSmash is back!! Excuse us but before watching the 2015 Official SummerSmash Video we kindly ask you to consider the following:
This summer, in 2015, Beachtravels will rise our Swedish event SummerSmash to a whooole new level!! Last year was a success, but We've been working our butts off to develop the SummerSmash concept  and make everything Better, Bigger and More Fun for all you beach volleyball lovers!
Enjoy the memories from 2014 but do it right and make place in your calendar for SummerSmash 2015! Read more about the event and make sure you decide before the 1000 SEK/105 € early booking discount ends: 

Event dates:  July 13th - 26th. Watch the full video at our facebook page or www.beachtravels.se